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Hiztegigintzan eta hizkuntza-teknologietan aitzindariak gara. Lexiko orokorra eta espezializatua lantzen ditugu, baita itzulpengintza aurreratua ere.
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UZEI offers tools and resources developed using its own technology (see the section on R&D+i); however, as end products, we have four products based on said tools:

Dictionary of Synonyms: it is a dictionary created to enrich vocabulary, helping to complete it and to find the exact word in each context.

Frequency Dictionary in Basque: a dictionary which compiles Basque vocabulary in figures, offering quantitative data on the use of said language.

Hobelex: spelling and vocabulary corrector for Microsoft Office, a tool for writing in Basque without spelling mistakes and which, in addition, guarantees a text adapted to recommended and updated vocabulary, based on IDITE.

eLENA: a system for the management of translation memories’ multilingual corpora.




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